HX BLQ-17/50 17/50kV Elbow Surge Arrester

HX BLQ-17/50 17/50kV Elbow Surge Arrester


17/50kV Elbow Surge Arrester with silicone rubber connector housing and installed on the 200A Loadbreak bushing extender . It protects medium voltage network , eg : transformers switch gears and cable. incoming over voltage waves and voltage increase by reflection are limited.

Scope of Delivery

·Elbow surge arrester
·Silicone lu bricant
·Clearing paper
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate
·Testing report


Description Reference No. Continuous operating voltage Continuous nominal current
17/50kV Elbow Surge Arrester HX BLQ-17/50 17 50

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Elbow Surge 
③Continuous operating voltage
④5kA Impulse withstand voltage(kV)

Product Structure

1.Insulating layer: High quality sulfur cured EPDM insulation is mixed and formulated in-house for complete control of insulating ru bber characteristics.

2.Semi-conductive shield: Molded semi-conductive EPDM shield meets requirements ofANSI/IEEE Standard 592.

3.Arrester core: Compose of the zinc oxide lightning arrester valve slice which th rough special process treatment.

4.Copper bottom cover:The copper base cover is tightly combined with the outer conductive layer of the arrester to make the arrester waterproof and provide the grounding point for the arrester.

5.Ground wire:The grounding wire on the lower end of the arrester is used to effectively connect the impulse voltage to the grounding position.


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