HX DBG-15/200 15kV 200A lnsulated Standoff Bushing

HX DBG-15/200 15kV 200A lnsulated Standoff Bushing


The insulated standoff bushing is designed to be installed in the parking stand mounted on a transformer or other is used together with the cable accessories such as: elbow connector elbow surge arrester and the other 200A Loadbreak Accessories. A grounding lug is provided on the standoff bushing bracket for attachment of a d rain wire to ensure deadfront constru ction .  When  mated with a comparably  rated  product , the insulated standoff bushing provides a fully-shielded , submersible , separable connector for energized operation.

The material is made of high quality EPDM insulation, and the external base of the product is aluminum die-casting with ground bolts.

Scope of Delivery

·Insulated standoff bushing
·Govering cap
·Silicone lubricant
·Clearing paper
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate


Description Reference No.
15kV 200A Insulated Standoff Bushing HX DBG-15/200

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Insulated Standoff Bushing
③Continuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal current



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