HX JCTGZ-15/200 15kV 200A Insulated bushing Extender

HX JCTGZ-15/200 15kV 200A Insulated bushing Extender


15kv 200A insulated  bushing  extenders designed for transformers, outdoor surrounding cable supply cabinet and switch cabinet. Insulated for the 200A outgoing line. 200a 1 5kv insulated bushing extender connect with bushing insert, rotatable feed thruInsert or surge arrester insert.

The bushing well is molded using High quality insulating Material, when Mated with comparable rated products , it provides a fully shielded insulating Connection.


Description Reference No.
200A 15kVlnsulated Bushing Extender HZ JCTGZ-15/200

Scope of Delivery

·Insulated bushing extender
·Covering cap
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Insulated bushing extender
③Continuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal current

Product Structure

1、A sealing ring groove: for placing a seal ring, to effectively isolate the sealing function.

2、A lengthened sleeve seat body: by epoxy resin apg and production process, has good mechanical and electricalproperties.

3、The conducting rod: the special process of copper conducting bar can be very stable in combination with epoxy resin, and has good conductivity.

Figure 1:Dimensions

Dimension Information                                                                                     


Figure 2 : Illustrate Design Integrity

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