HX JDZT-15/200 15kV200A Grounding Elbow

HX  JDZT-15/200  15kV200A Grounding Elbow


15kV 200A Grounding Elbow is the best choice for subterranean power systems.It can provide an grounding outgoing line for checking up the ca ble in the practical application or examination.
Grounding Elbow could use alone or connect with Bushing Insert, Rotatable Feedthru Insert of padmound transformer and surrounding power supply ca binet , which could structure a visible grounding point.
Grounding Elbow is contains copper conductive contact , copper compression connector and molten with high-insulation,anti-aging insulation rubber. These make the product to be fully shielded. Meanwhile, a 2- meter ground ca ble connects in the end of Grounding Elbow.The insulation value of grounding cable's outer shield is 600V,so when examination, please overhead.


Description Reference No. Continuous operating voltage Continuous nominal current
15kV 200A Groundinq Elbow HX JDZT-15/200 15kV 200A

 Scope of Delivery

·Grounding elbow
·Glearing paper
·Silicone lubricant
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Groundinq Elbow
③Continuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal curren

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