HX JYM-15/200 Loadbreak Insulated Cap

HX JYM-15/200 Loadbreak Insulated Cap


15kV 200A Insulated Protective Cap is an accessory device designed to electrically insulate and mechanically seal loadbreak bushing inte rfaces.When mated to a loadbreak product and the d rain wire is attached to ground,the Insulated Protective Cap provides a fully shielded , submersible insulating cover for energized bushings . The Insulated Protective  Cap  can be used for permanent or temporary installation on  200A bushings ,junctions or insulated standoff bushing .

Scope of Delivery

·Insulated protective cap
·Clearing paper
·Silicone lubricant
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate


Description Reference No. Continuous operating voltage Gontinuous nominal current
200A15kV Insulated Protective Cap HX JYM-15/200 15kV 200A

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Insulated Protective Cap
③Continuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal current

Product Structure

1.Insulation : High-quality EPDM rubber formulated, mixed , and milled in-house for consistent and reliable field performance.

2.Semi-conductive shield: High-quality EPDM rubber provides protective deadfront shield that meets requirements of IEEE Standard 592.

3.Grounding eye: three tabs molded into a semi-conductive shield forthe attachment ofa ground wire to maintain deadfront safety.

4.Pulling eye: Stainless steel reinfo rced for positive shotgun stick switching operations.


Figure 1:Dimensions  


Figu re 2:Ⅲustrate Design Integrity


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