HX MP 15kV 200A Loadbreak junctions

HX MP 15kV 200A Loadbreak  junctions


The bus bar of 200A plays the role of busbar in the cable branching line. Its features are fully insulated and fully sealed.

The 200A bus bar can be combined with the elbow cable connector, the elbow arrester and the 200A insulation cap to form a new multi-branch cable line. It has fire extinguishing medium inside, and can be loaded and inserted with elbow type joint.
200A busbar is made of high quality insulating material.


Reference No. Number of branches
HX MP2-15/200 2
HX MP3-15/200 3
HX MP4-15/200 4

Scope of Delivery

·Covering cap
·Mounting panel
·Installation Instruction Sheet
·Quality Certificate

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
③Number of branches
④Continuous operating voltage
⑤Continuous nominal curren

Product Structure

1.ARC SNUFFERASSEMBLY: Arc-ablative plastic produces arc extinguishing gas during loadreak switching operations.

2.GOPPER BUS BAR: Copper fittings are fixed in copper conducting bar.

3.EPDM INSULATION: High quality sulfur cured EPDM insulation is mixed and form ulated in -house for com plete control of insulating rubber characte ristics .

4.SEMI-CONIDUCTIVE SHIELD: Molded Semi-conductive EPDM shield meets requirements ofANSI/IEEE Standard 592.

5.COPPER CONDUCTING BAR: The conductive row is made of copper, It can ensure current smooth and play good cooling effect.

200 a bus interface structure


名称 二通 2 三通 3 四通 4
L 139mm 221mm 302mm

200 a bus interface dimension drawing

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