Rotatable Feedthru lnsert

Rotatable Feedthru  lnsert

HX STT-15/200 15kV200A Rotatable Feedthru  lnsert


15kV 200A double-pass sleeve connector, connected with the sleeve socket to achieve single- way and double-way conversion, one of which has the same function as the single-pass sleeve connector, the other link elbow arrester (to provide overvoltage protection), or to change the connection mode of the box transformer.

This product is mainly used for high voltage electrical equipment such as American box transformer, outdoor ring switch cabinet and so on. Common cable accessories connected with it are:elbow type connector, elbow type lightning arrester and sleeve seat.

Adopting high quality EPDM rubber insulation, advanced design structure of double sleeve ensures normal arc extinguishing when disconnecting from elbow joint.

Unique release and inversion design ensures that the double-way casing joint rotates to the proper installation position without affecting its connection performance.


Description Reference No. Continuous operating voltage Continuous nominal current
15kV Rotatable Feedthru Insert HXSTT 15/200 15kV 200A

Scope of Delivery

·Bushing insert
·Clearing paper
·Silicone lubricant
·Covering cap
·Stainless steel bail assembly + M4 Screw + Dished nut
·Installation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate

Inference Information

①Enterprise code
②Rotatable Feedthru Insert
③Continuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal current

Product Structure

1.EPDM INISU LATION: High-quality sulfu r-cu red EPDM insulation is mixed and form ulated in-house for consistent and relia ble field performance .

2.INTERFACE THREADS: 3/8-16 UNC Threads.

3.TORQUE-LIMITING RATCHET: Eliminates bushing well stud breakage and allows for 3600 0rientation.

4.SEMI-CONDUCTIVE SHIELD: Molded semi-conductive sulfur-cured EPDM shield meets requirements ofIEEE Standard 592TM.

5.LATCH IN DICATOR RING: Molded-in bright yellow ring eliminates elbow installation guesswork by assuring a quality connection.

6.COPPER BUS BAR: Provides reliable aII copper current path and ensures the coolest operating temperatures.

7.ARC SNUFFER ASSEM BLY: Arc-ablative plastic produces arc extinguishing gas d u ring loadbreak switching operations.

8.LOCKING GROOVE:Nose piece locking groove is made of high strength, high temperature plastic that secures mating connector to feedthru insert.

Figure 1:Dimensions                                    Figure 2:Ⅲustrate Design Integrity

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