HX ZT-15kv 200A Loadbreak Elbow Connector

HX ZT-15kv 200A Loadbreak Elbow Connector


15kV 200A Loadbreak Elbow Connector is a fully-shielded and insulated plug-in termination  for connecting underground cable to distribution power system of pad-mound transformer ,  surrounding power supply branch box , cable branch box equipped with loadbreak bushings . The  elbow connector and bushing insert comprise the essential components of all loadbreak  connections. It can meet the demand of lines in nuclear. The Loadbreak Elbows are molded using high quality sulfur-cured insulating and semi-  conducting EPDM rubber.Standard features include a coppertop connector, tin-plated copper  loadbreak probe with an ablative arc-follower tip and stainless steel reinforced pulling-eye . An  optional capacitive test point , made of corrosion resistant plastic , is available for use with fault  indicators. The avaible conductor cross section is 35~150mm2 for 15kV cable. The conductive pole W/ARC  extinguishes function.

Order information

Note:The cable range is the basic element for choosing the product’stype.The conductor size is just for a reference

Scope of delivery

·elbow connector, test point cap, grounding wire, loadbreak brand
·loadbreak probe
·probe installation tool
·clearing paper
·silicone lubricant
·conductor cablelug
·installation instruction sheet
·quality certificate

Inference Information


①Enterprise code

②Elbow connector

③Continuous operating voltage

④Continuous nominal current

Product Structure

1、Operating ring: one die cast stainless steel operation belt with spring clamped fixed-point.

2、Insulation: High-quality EPDM rubber formulated, mixed, and milled in-house for consistent and reliable field performance.

3、Semi-conductive insert: High-quality EPDM rubber creates a smooth surface around the "current interchange" to evenlydistribute electrical stress within the insulation.

4、Test point ( optional) : Corrosion-resistant, conductive electrode provides consistent capacitive voltage for application of fault indicators and determining

5、Out Semi-conductive shield: The combination of the prefabricated EPDM conductive rubber and cable shielding can realize the shielding continuity and ensure the outer semi-conductive layer is grounded.

6、Arc suppression inserting rod: Tin-plated copper conductive rods with arc suppression function are screwed into the conductive connector with a knife-shaped wrench provided with the case.

7、Crimping terminal: According to the different material quality of the cable, choose the copper crimping terminal or the copper aluminum crimping terminal.


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