Load Break Elbows

Load Break Elbows

HX PT ZT Loadbreak Elbow Connnector


PT elbow joint is suitable for fully insulated, shielded and sealed connection of high voltage side of JDZ12A-10R transformer which provides operation power or metering protection for electric operation mechanism. Connection mode is plug-in connection. PT cable joint is pulled by pulling hook during installation. Reliable anti-loosening device is available.
It is suitable for XLPE cable with 15KV 35~50mm cross section.

Inference Information

Cable Accessory Elbow Connector

①Enterprise code
②Elbow connector
③Gontinuous operating voltage
④Continuous nominal current


Description Reference No. Continuous operating voltage Continuous nominal current
15/200PT Elbow connector HX PT ZT15/200 15kV 200A

Scope of Delivery

·Elbow connector, test point cap, grounding wire, loadbreak brand
·Clearing paper
·Silicone lubricant
·Conductor cablelug
·lnstallation instruction sheet
·Quality certificate

D212A-10R Voltage transformer      JSZV16-10、6R Voltage transformer

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