HX SJWL-SGFI/P Panel Type Fault indicator

HX SJWL-SGFI/P Panel Type Fault indicator


Short circuit current sensor and the grounding current sensor are respectively by optical fiber and panel instrument host plug-in, after occurrence of a fault signal through the optical fiber sensor will be passed to the panel meter information through the host of a judge, and then the corresponding phase indicator lights flashing display.

Fault Detection Principle

1、short detection:>detection line short-circuit fault current mutation, mutation values greater than a certain value (according to ttie relay protection setting value set), tripping over acertain period of time the blackouts;

2、the grounding detection:>voltage change of grounding capacitance current detection, and the phase change, harmonic de tection, comprehensive judgement to determine whether the ground.

Technical Parameters
·And short circuit fault action current: 600A
·earth fault current: 20A
·applicable voltage rating: 6-35KV
·And application of wire current: I = 1000A
·Environment temperature: -350C≤ T≤ +75℃;
·action automatic reset time: 8H (1H~24H optional)
·And the action times: 5000 times
·Installed size: display panel of the mainframe hole size 91.5mm (tolerance±0.3mm) x43.5mm(tolerance±0.3mm)
·And the display box size: 90 (L) x 42(W)mm
·And protection grade: display lP40 sensor lP65Technical Parameters

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