Overhead in Fault Indicator

Overhead  in  Fault Indicator


SJWL-SGFI/II short circuit to ground combo indicator for distribution  line  branches many, frequent faults, the line fault lookup is a headache thing maintenance personnel power lines, find a grounding fault sometimes  halfa  day, from  the  morning  to find some evening, in Inner Mongolia some will find a few days. Therefore, installation fault indicator can greatly improve the reliability of power  supply,  reduce  the  labor  intensity,  shorten outage time. Our company  combo  fault indicator 60000 sales a year only , four in one indicator of sales by 60000 a year or so, at present has online operation nearly a million.

Product Features

Detection of single phase earth fault, flop,daytime alarm mode

Principle of Product

1、short detection: detecting the line short-circuit fault current mutation, mutation values greater than a certain value (according to the relay protection setting) within a certain time Tiaozha blackouts

2、the grounding detecting changes in voltage grounding capacitive current situation, and the phase change, harmonic detection, comprehensive judgement to determine whether the ground.


1.for the fault line and convenience during troubleshooting help.

2.were according to the load size and the trend of distribution line fault indicator, establishing reasonable installation position

3.lines during normal operation, the indicator is in reset state, without any indication of.

4.when the line short-circuit and grounding fault indicator automatic rotation during the day after, indicating a bowl, into the red alarm indication state; line fault repair personnel according to the indicator status investigation of fault region.

5.product reset time default time is 12h (reset time can be adjusted according to customer requirements).

6.the product to provide powerful help for circuit troubleshooting, easy to find out the fault position;

7.shorten outage time, power supply to further improve;

8.product installation without power cut, offer professional installation tool free, convenient disassembly.

Technical Parameters

·Application of voltage grade: 6KV~35KV
·Application of wire current:1≤1000A
·Application of wire diameter16mm²≤d≤450mm²
·The action of reset time:6H,12H,24H,36H optionaI(reset time can be s eIected according to customer requirements)
·The action tlmes:≥5000 times
·BatterylIfe:≥8 years

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