Cold shrinkable power cable accessories

Cold shrinkable power cable  accessories


As everyone knows, "elastic memory" is the characteristics of rubber, like spring, and shrinkage  is  also  called  pre  expansion technique, the elastic rubber pre support in the elastic range, set into the plastic core line to be fixed. When installed,as l ong  as the core extraction, elastic body quickly shrink and tightly hooped on the cable.


Installation is simple and quick without special tools, no and reliable;Radial pressure lasting for cable , " breathing " with the cable , good waterproof seal ,ensure years of reliable operation.


Power Shrinkage Technique

Take the most advanced technology for full set of products , without special tools , no fire , When installed , as long as the core extraction , elastic body quickly shrink and tightly hooped on the cable.

Reliable Insulation

All raw materials are imported, the silicone rubber has the excellent insulation and high elasticity , the storage time is up to 2 years, after
installation never clicked through because respiration of cable running.

Good sealing performance

The connecting parts of products are bonded using special sealant , whole sealing, prevent and avoid accidents caused by the atmospheric

Easy to install

Defilement  resistance  ,  aging  resistance  ,  good  hydrophobicity  transfer performance , with  cold  superior performance, applicable to high altitude , cold, wet area, salt fog area and heavy pollution area. Installation without fire, especially suitable for petroleum, chemical, mining and other inflammable and explosive places

Advanced equipment

Imported equipment, accurate measurement, high
automaticity, reliable performance.

Product specifications

①Rated voltage
②Cold Shrink type
④Core number of the cable
⑤Product specifications

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