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Zhejiang hegxing power technology co., ltd is located in the “ The capital of Chinese appliances ”reputation as Zhejiang yueqing liushi town industrial park, is mainly engaged in 110kv and below high-voltage cable accessories, high-pressure insulated parts etc of product、development、manufacturing and sales.

Hengxing company depended on regional advantages ,USES the advanced technology and production equipment,scientific management and quality assurance system,and constantly develop high-pressure cable accessories, including European products to satisfy DIN47636、EN50181 standards, American products meet ANSI/IEEE386 standards.Products GB12706、GB11033 electrical testing meet, JB8144、iec60502 standards, and obtains the national power authority certification testing.

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product description

HX DTT-15/20015kV 200A Bushing Insert

Bushing Insert Recommend_Bushing Insert

15kV 200A Bushing Insert threads into a universal bushing well to provide the same function as an integral loadbreak bushing. Using bushing inserts makes field installation and replacement possible and efficient. Bushing inserts and elbow connectors comprise the  essential  components  of  all loadbreak connections . The Bushing Insert uses a patented wholly current path, containing only one current transfer point, within the insert itself. The uncomplicated nature  of  the current  path design  delivers  superior , reliable performance.An internal broach allows for positive torque controlled installation. Using the optional installation torque tool the bushing insert can be properly tightened into the bushing well without the fear of accidentally breaking the bushing well stud. Power exclusive latch indicator ring, located on the circumference of the bushing's collar, eliminates the guesswork of loadbreak elbow installation on the bushing insert.The bright yellow ring provides immediate feedback to determine if the elbow is properly installed on the insert.

The material is made of high quality EPDM. The advanced design of the single pass bushing ensures that the arc joint can be properly extinguishing when disconnected from the elbow plastic joint.

Product Structure

1、Insulation: High-quality EPDM rubber formulated, mixed, and milled in-house for consistent and reliable field performance.

2、Latch indicator ring: Molded-in bright yellow ring eliminates elbow installation guesswork by assuring a quality connection.
3、SEMI-conductive shield: High quality EPDM rubber provides protective dead front shield that make sure they have grounding; 

4、Threaded base: 3/8"-16 UNC Copper threads provide connection to bushing well stud.

5、Inside six corners: cooperate with inner six angle wrench, convenient installation. 
6、Pin joint: made of good conductive material.

7、Arc suppression chamber: effectively eliminate the arc generated during the operation of the cable joint, and ensure the safe operation of the equipment.

Bushing Insert Recommend_Bushing Insert drawing



HX DBG-15/200 15kV 200A lnsulated Standoff Bushing

Bushing Insert Recommend_lnsulated Standoff Bushing

The insulated standoff bushing is designed to be installed in the parking stand mounted on a transformer or other is used together with the cable accessories such as: elbow connector elbow surge arrester and the other 200A Loadbreak Accessories. A grounding lug is provided on the standoff bushing bracket for attachment of a d rain wire to ensure deadfront constru ction .  When  mated with a comparably  rated  product , the insulated standoff bushing provides a fully-shielded , submersible , separable connector for energized operation.

The material is made of high quality EPDM insulation, and the external base of the product is aluminum die-casting with ground bolts.

Scope of Delivery

  • Insulated standoff bushing
  • Govering cap
  • Silicone lubricant
  • Clearing paper
  • Installation instruction sheet
  • Quality certificate

Bushing Insert Recommend_lnsulated Standoff Bushing drawing

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