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Zhejiang hegxing power technology co., ltd is located in the “ The capital of Chinese appliances ”reputation as Zhejiang yueqing liushi town industrial park, is mainly engaged in 110kv and below high-voltage cable accessories, high-pressure insulated parts etc of product、development、manufacturing and sales.

Hengxing company depended on regional advantages ,USES the advanced technology and production equipment,scientific management and quality assurance system,and constantly develop high-pressure cable accessories, including European products to satisfy DIN47636、EN50181 standards, American products meet ANSI/IEEE386 standards.Products GB12706、GB11033 electrical testing meet, JB8144、iec60502 standards, and obtains the national power authority certification testing.

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product description

HX LT-12kV(24kV)250A European style elbow cable connector

elbow cable connector supplier_elbow cable connector

LT-12 (24) /250 type elbow type cable connector is applied to the connection of the 250A DIN47636 standard casing, the high voltage lead wire cable. The test point can be installed short circuit fault indicator or live monitor, to achieve fast fault location or line charged state indicator, can not be charged plug.

Voltage grade according to the design requirements of 12kV or 24kV rated current: 250A application of cable section:35~150mm2.


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HX MT15kV/600A American Screened Separable T Connectors

elbow cable connector supplier_American Screened Separable T Connectors

American 600A T type joint for the used for American cable branch box,American box or ring network cabinet,outlet is connected with the 600A casing and 600A bus supporting. Product with a test head, can be charged for the operation of the product display.

This product is fully insulated, fully sealed, fully shielded products, can be connected through the middle connecting head and T 600A type connectors, T 600A type arrester for extended connection.Applicable section25-500mm2.

elbow cable connector supplier_Screened Separable T Connectors Drawing

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