The global energy Internet highlights China's wisdom and China's role in the world.

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The global energy Internet strategy is breaking through in the tide of energy change.
Speed up clean development and implement "two alternatives"
Energy is known as the "blood" of the economic society, the cornerstone and the motive force of modernization. In the history of energy development, it is a history of human social progress. Every energy change is accompanied by great leap in productivity and great progress of human civilization in the middle of.18 century. Coal has replaced firewood and promoted the establishment and development of modern industry in.19. In the middle and later half of the 20th century, the invention of oil development and electricity gave birth to modern industry, and fossil energy became the dominant energy source.
The birth of the global energy Internet strategy concept originated from the reality of the world energy development. Since the industrial revolution, the unending large-scale exploitation and use of fossil energy have caused the world energy development to face the problems of resource tension, environmental pollution, climate change and so on. It poses a serious threat to human survival and development, which is based on the traditional fossil energy base. The way of energy development on the base has been unsustainable.
Taking China as an example, as the largest energy producer and consumer country in the world, the long-term coal based energy structure has brought an increasingly serious resource crisis and environmental crisis. The haze is threatening the health of the masses. The central government has put forward the "energy revolution", which is the 4 aspects of promoting energy consumption, energy supply, energy technology and energy system. Conforming to the power of energy change.
The data show that the total global fossil energy consumption has increased from 51 million tons of standard coal in 1965 to 159 million tons of standard coal in 2014. The various links in production, transportation, storage and use have caused serious pollution and destruction to the atmosphere, water, soil, and geomorphology. The average global surface temperature has risen by 1 degrees Celsius since the industrial revolution.
In December 2015, the World Conference on climate change came to a close. The historic agreement reached by the general assembly set a clear goal for controlling global warming. Samantha, head of the world natural foundationundefineds global climate and energy project, Smith, the Paris agreement conveys a strong signal - fossil fuels The times are coming to an end.
The global energy Internet is bound to be an interconnected power grid
How to solve the predicament of fossil energy? We need to rely on the power grid across the country, cross the Inter Continental large-scale transmission of clean energy, rely on the construction of the global energy Internet.
Compared with fossil energy, clean energy reserves are rich. The national Power Grid Corp research suggests that the global land wind energy resource is over 1 trillion kilowatts, and the solar energy is over 100 trillion kilowatts. Only 0.05% of the development can meet the energy needs of the future human society. Only 1/1000 of our countryundefineds development can meet the energy demand.2015~2050 years, and the world will be able to meet the energy needs of the world. And China only needs to maintain an average annual growth rate of 12.4% and 13%. By 2050, we can achieve the goal of increasing the proportion of clean energy to 80%.
Since the new century, a new round of energy change characterized by clean low carbon is booming, and clean development has become the trend of the times. According to statistics, in 2000~2014, the annual global wind power and solar power generation increased by 26%, 45% respectively, far exceeding the coal 3.6%, oil 1.2%, and natural gas 2.5% annual average growth rate; the annual growth rate of China wind power and solar power generation was reached respectively. 49%, the development trend of 68%. clean energy is faster and stronger than expected.
However, the global distribution of clean energy is uneven, and wind energy is mainly distributed in the Arctic, central and northern Asia, northern Europe, central North America, East Africa, and coastal regions of all continents; solar energy is mainly distributed in northern Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, Oceania, Central South America and other equatorial regions. Most of these areas are far from the load. It is necessary to build an energy platform with global configuration ability to adapt to the reverse distribution of clean energy, wind power, wind power, the randomness and intermittent characteristics of solar power generation, and to realize the large-scale development and utilization of clean energy.
Electricity is the most clean and efficient energy. Clean leading, electricity as the center is the inevitable trend of energy development. Limited and non renewable fossil energy will be used mainly for industrial raw materials. Supply side, clean energy will replace fossil energy; consumption side, electricity can replace all kinds of terminal energy. The basic platform for various energy development, conversion, configuration, and use It is the power grid, therefore, the nature of the energy network is the power grid, the energy Internet is bound to be the interconnected power grid. Energy network, traffic network, communication (information) network is the three most important infrastructure in the world.
The global energy Internet has a solid foundation and strong vitality.
What is the global energy Internet?
The global energy Internet is the backbone network with UHV power grid as the backbone and the strong smart grid connected globally. It is the basic platform for the large-scale development, configuration and utilization of clean energy in the world. The essence is "the clean energy of the smart grid in UHV power grid". The UHV power grid is the key, the smart grid is the foundation and the clean energy is the fundamental.
"The global energy Internet and the information internet are important infrastructures for economic globalization. The global energy Internet is like the human undefinedvascular systemundefined, the information internet is like the undefinednervous systemundefined, undefinedthe nervous systemundefined has been interconnected and the undefinedvascular systemundefined can be interconnected. undefinedat the global energy Internet technical equipment workshop. Liu Zhenya, the president of the national Power Grid Corp, has "brush up" many times in the circle of the conference representatives and media reporters. The vivid metaphor gives people a clearer understanding of the connotation of the global energy Internet.
It can be said that there is no global energy Internet without special high voltage. Industry experts say UHV has the advantages of large capacity, far distance, low energy consumption, land saving and good economy. The strong smart grid with UHV as the backbone network integrates modern intelligent technology, information network technology, advanced transmission technology, new energy access technology. The technology is flexible and adaptable, and can meet the needs of clean energy, distributed power access, smart device plug and play, intelligent interactive service and so on.
In January 2013, "UHV AC transmission key technology, complete equipment and engineering application" won the national science and technology progress award special prize in January.2016, in January, the East - Anhui + 1 million 100 thousand volt HVDC transmission project started. This is the worldundefineds highest voltage grade transmission project. The transmission distance of the 1 million 100 thousand volt voltage DC lines can reach 5000 km. The distance between the worldundefineds major clean energy bases and load centers is within the scope of UHV transmission.
At present, the State Grid has all started the construction of the "four interchange and four straight" UHV project, which is included in the national air pollution control action plan. The national Power Grid Corp has built up the "three exchange and four straight" UHV project, and is building the "four exchange and six straight" UHV project, and the transmission is over 28 thousand km in the length of the construction of the 17 UHV Engineering lines. The capacity exceeds 2.9 billion KVA (kilowatt), and the total power supply exceeds 430 billion kwh.
Relying on UHV and smart grid, Chinaundefineds new energy development is in the forefront of the world. China National Grid has become the largest power grid for new energy access in the world.2012 year. Chinaundefineds accumulative grid capacity is in the first.2013 year in the world. The cumulative grid capacity of photovoltaic power generation ranks second in the world, and the level of new energy development and utilization is the first in Europe and the United States and so on. Entering the country for quite.2014 years, grid connected wind power, photovoltaic power installed capacity exceeded 100 million kilowatts, the annual generation capacity of nearly 180 billion kwh, equivalent to a medium-sized developed province of.2015 year of electricity consumption, Chinaundefineds solar power grid installed more than 40 million kilowatts, the world is the first, new energy grid installed near 170 million kilowatts. National grid public power grid. As technology advances, the economy and competitiveness of new energy will continue to increase, and it is expected to exceed fossil energy around 2020. By then, wind power and solar power will have a rapid development period.
"The global energy Internet must be realized and will be realized."
The global energy Internet is a great future oriented idea that will lead the world to the right path to sustainable energy development. The global energy Internet must be realized and will be realized, said Cole, founder and senior adviser to the United Nations Global Compact.
As a "super project", the construction of the global energy Internet involves the political, economic, energy and technical aspects of the world. It is necessary for all parties to work together to solve various policy barriers, to establish an interdependent, mutual trust and mutual benefit organization mechanism, and to ensure the global economic operation of the energy Internet.
In view of global cooperation in the global energy Internet field, Liu Zhenya has issued four initiatives - establishing a cooperative mechanism to tackle key issues, developing key project cooperation, strengthening the training of outstanding talents, building a high level cooperation platform, and getting a large number of world leaders in UHV, smart grid, clean energy, energy storage pool and large power grid operation control as soon as possible. First, the achievements of innovation will support and lead the development of global energy Internet.
Many experts also put forward a specific proposal to cooperate to promote the development of the global energy Internet. Dr. Zimmer, chairman of the German electrical electronics and Communications Technology Association, proposed that the global energy Internet is beneficial to China, the world and Europe, and should strengthen R & D and cooperation in the areas of clean energy and smart grid. Technical University of Berlin, Germany. Professor Stone believes that the construction of the global energy Internet can operate on the European "power highway 2050" project to explore different power supply schemes and to carry out cost-benefit analysis. Dr. Fan Sen of Rhine, Germany, introduced the "desert plan" to promote intercontinental interconnection between Europe and Africa.
We might as well be bold to think about it: the future, the running water, the howling wind, the sunshine, the surging tide, and so on, the clean energy of the natural world, through the innumerable generators to the electricity, and through the global energy Internet to all parts of the world. At that time, you might be able to benefit from the sun in the equator, the wind in the Arctic; by then, the electricity will be sent to every corner of the world, the earth will be greener, the earth will be greener, and the life of the human being will be better. 

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