The prospect of industrial electric distribution industry can still be grasped in the future

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Since the reform and opening up, the economy of our country has been developing rapidly and the pace of infrastructure construction is accelerating, which has stimulated the demand for industrial electrical products. Therefore, the industrial electrical distribution industry has benefited and increased rapidly. With the continuous expansion of the field and scope of industrial electrical products, its demand is expected to maintain a stable growth trend and industrial electrical components. After years of exploration and development, Chinaundefineds industrial electrical distribution has formed a market pattern with medium and low voltage transmission and distribution products and industrial automation control products as the main distribution product, and this pattern is expected to remain for a long time.<br/>There are three main reasons for the formation of the above market structure. First, our country has long been investing in infrastructure construction, and the new investment in fixed assets expands industrial electrical consumption demand, thus promoting the development of industrial electrical distribution industry. Secondly, the railway electrification, urban rail transit construction speed up and so on, promote industrial electricity. The growth of the distribution industry, the third, the high voltage, the new energy, the smart grid and so on, has expanded the market capacity of the medium and low voltage transmission and distribution industry, resulting in the large and wide range of medium and low voltage products, and will continue to dominate in the future. With the rapid development of the transmission and distribution industry, the industrial electric distribution industry will present a new trend of development. First, In the future, the industrial electric distribution industry will step into the stage of full competition and the market concentration is steadily increasing. The reason is that the number of private enterprises in the field of industrial electrical distribution in China is huge and the two is that foreign enterprises are actively expanding the mainland market. Under the action of two factors, the market competition of the industrial electrical distribution industry will inevitably be intensified. There are many downstream distributors in the middle and low voltage electrical products manufacturers, but the industrial electrical distribution industry will step into the period of steady development and the distribution automation rate is slowly increasing. Compared with the developed countries, the proportion of distribution network investment in China is relatively low, and the future is the same. The demand for distribution equipment needs to be further improved, which is a great benefit to the industrial electrical distribution industry.<br/>Finally, the industrial electrical distribution industry has entered the period of structural adjustment and the proportion of industrial control products is increasing. According to the foresight Industry Research Institute, from 2014 to 2017, the average annual growth rate of Chinaundefineds low voltage inverter market is up to 7%., the network interconnection is becoming increasingly permeated into the industrial manufacturing field, and the industrial automation technology is coming into innovation. In this context, industry The proportion of industrial control products in the electrical distribution industry will be improved. In general, the prospects for industrial electrical distribution industry can still be expected, but we need to grasp the future development trend. 

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