What is the function of the cable accessory terminal

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What is the function of the cable accessory terminal
Anyone engaged in the power cable industry should know that the cable accessory terminal is a set of waterproof, stress control, shielding, insulation in one, and has good electrical and mechanical properties, can be used in a variety of harsh environmental conditions for a long time. So what does the cable accessory termination do? Here are some of them:
First, it ACTS as an insulation, and then the cable accessory terminal ACTS as a waterproof, stress control and shielding and so on. Cable accessory terminal has good electrical and mechanical properties, so it can be used in a variety of harsh environments for a long time.It also has the advantages of light weight and convenient installation.The main application sites are electric power, petrochemical, metallurgy, railway and port construction and other industries.
The function of cable accessory terminal is divided into low voltage and high voltage to say specifically, in fact, where is the low voltage with the cable accessory terminal function is mainly the above said insulation, sealing and so on.The high voltage cable accessory terminal should be separated, because the high voltage cable accessory terminal is indoor and outdoor. Of course, the difference between the indoor high voltage cable accessory terminal and the low voltage cable accessory terminal is mainly in the voltage resistance level.
In addition, the cable terminal head function.Outdoor has a protective umbrella skirt, can block rain, increase insulation gap two indoor without protective umbrella skirt, other is exactly the same.Indoor cable accessory terminal can not be used outdoors, because there is no waterproof umbrella skirt, the rain insulation is not enough outdoor cable accessory terminal can be used indoors.The insulation welding point can be effectively protected.
The cable terminal head is mainly used for connecting one end of the cable with other equipment.If you want to connect one end of two cables into a cable line, you need to use the cable intermediate joint. The cable intermediate joint and cable accessory terminal are collectively referred to as the cable head.The main function of the cable accessory terminal is to seal the cable.Because the cable is sealed at both ends when it leaves the factory, but it needs to be opened when it is used. In this way, the original seal will be damaged. At this time, the cable head is needed to assist in realizing its function.
                                                                       Pay attention to the environmental requirements when making cable accessory terminal
1, The appearance of the 10kV cable made according to the requirements of the cable shall be clean and undamaged, and the insulation resistance and dc voltage withstand test shall be conducted, and the test shall be conducted only after passing the test.Apply sealant seal to the cable end of suspension production!
2, The production of 10kV cable cold shrinkage terminal must be carried out under clear weather and dry air, and the construction site should be clean without flying dust or paper scraps.
3, (1) peel the outer sheath, steel armor and inner lining.Straighten, wipe and strip the cable from the installation position to the outer sheath of the wiring terminal, leave 30mm steel armor and 10mm inner sheath, and wrap the steel armor with tie wire or PVC tape to prevent loose. Copper shield end wrapped with PVC tape!
In cable accessory terminal of choose and buy when we should not only according to the different voltage will distinguish, even determine if it is a high pressure is indoor cable accessory terminal or outdoor cable terminal, in addition we also need to determine the size of the specific number of square, in this way can we accurately inquiry and purchasing cable accessory terminal, also can give full play to their role as the cable terminal.
After knowing the function of cable accessory terminal and the matters needing attention in purchasing, we can safely purchase the cable accessory terminal we need. In the process of inquiry, we can also reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles and greatly improve the work efficiency.

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